20 Years in Armenia

On September 29, 2013 the Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF) Armenia’s 20th anniversary celebration took place at the “Cross of Armenia Unity” NGO’s open space in Echmiadzin city. US Jinishian Memorial Program (JMP) Executive director, members of JMP US and JMF Armenia Advisory Committees, staff members, partners and beneficiaries were present at the event.

The Cross of Armenia Unity NGO president Grigor Babakhanyan, the JMP  Executive Director Eliza Minasyan, the JMF Armenia Director Armen Hakobyan, the member of the JMP US advisory committee Victoria Gehrt  and member of the JMF Armenia advisory committee Sister Arousiag Sajonyan delivered welcoming speeches  and thanked the guests for sharing with the JMF the delight of the day.

The Launch of the YES 2013-2014 Project

The “Youth Engaged in Society 2013-2014” (YES) launched in September 2013. The project goal is to create new debate clubs and continue the activities of existing debate clubs in different regions of Armenia. The YES project is being implemented and financed by the Open Society Foundations-Armenia, the World Vision Armenia and the Jinishian Memorial Foundation. There are 130 schools involved in this project representing 8 regions of Armenia – Shirak, Lori, Aragatsotn, Kotayk, Gegharkunik, Armavir, Ararat and Syunik, 15 cities – Ashtarak, Aparan, Talin, Artashat, Masis, Armavir, Echmiadzin, Metsamor, Gavar, Vardenis, Sevan, Vanadzor, Abovyan, Hrazdan, Gyumri and 14 village communities – Qarakert, Lernagog, Dalarik, Arteni, Gyulagarak, Urut, Sverdlov, Mets Masriq, Shenavan, Nerqin Bazmaberd, Mastara, Sarnakunq, Brnakot and Shinuhayr.

Community Development Projects Grant Competition

The Jinishian Memorial Foundation in cooperation with the World Vision Armenia implements “Vardenis Develpment Initiative” project.

As a part of the strategic objectives directed to the development of Vardenis area communities and the requirements of the mentioned program the Jinishian Memorial Foundation and the World Vision Armenia announce a Grant Competition among the following communities of Vardenis region:

Corporate Social Responsability Grant Competition

The Jinishian Memorial Foundation in partnership with the “CARD Agro-Credit” Universal Credit Organization and the Open Society Institute Foundation has been implementing “Cooperation in Providing Financial Services to Selected Farmer Cooperatives” program.

As a part of the strategic objectives of the organization and the requirements of the mentioned program the Jinishian Memorial Foundation announces Corporate Social Responsibility Grant Competition.  

University Students' National Debate Championship

Students’ National Debate Championship took place on November 20 and 21 in Yerevan within the scope of the Students’ Civic Engagement – University Debate Clubs project. The championship was between the students’ teams from Yerevan and RA Marzes (Gyumri, Kapan, Vanadzor, Ijevan, Goris and Gavar) who all gathered in Yerevan for the final debates. During the two days of the championship the students debated and defended their views on important civic issues such as the fight against corruption, domestic violence and Armenia’s integration into the European Union.

The final tournament on the topic “Armenia’s Integration into the European Union” has been held between the two teams from Gavar State University and Yerevan compiled team of students. Yerevan team was recognized as the winner of the championship by the judges. The team of students from Gavar State University took the second place in the championship. At the end of the event participants of the championship received medals and certificates of honor from the project implementing organizations.

The Youth Engaged in Society School Debate Club Creation (YES) Project National Debate Championship

The National Debate Championship (NDC) took place on May 18, 19 and 20 in Yerevan in the scope of the Youth Engaged in Society 2011-2012 School Debate Club Creation (YES) Project co-funded and implemented by the Jinishian Memorial Foundation, the Open Society Foundations-Armenia and the “Youth For Achievements” Educational NGO. 

It is already eight years that NDC has been organized at the end of each academic year and it turns out to be a real celebration for all directly and indirectly involved in the project: debate club members, their mentors, parents, teachers, judges of debates and project implementers. The NDC is a reflection of the techniques, knowledge and skills children gain from the practice in the debates during the academic year.

Report on Warm Shoes to Schoolchildren from Vulnerable Families of Armenia Project

In 2011 the Jinishian Memorial Foundation has initiated a philanthropic activity to support school age children from remote northern villages of Armenia to be warmly booted during severe winter time. These are children who do not attend school during winter or attend in worn out shoes or even in shabby home slippers, which harshly influences on their health and sometimes later becomes a cause of chronic diseases. JMF has targeted Amasia, Ashotsk regions of Shirak marz and Vardenis, Chambarak regions of Gegharkunik marz, well-known with their cold and snowy winters, when during the long-lasting winter period people live isolated due to impassable roads and where people are mostly poor.

To raise funds for supporting school age children from these regions a page was created on Facebook; informative/request letters were sent to potential donors, Jinishian partners, board members, etc.

A letter from Gary Payton in the United States (regional liaison for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Poland)

Dear Friends in Christ,

The pinks of a gentle, cold dawn tinted the snowy slopes of Mount Ararat. Across the just-waking city of Yerevan, the majesty of this biblical mountain grew ever larger as morning sun glinted off the sides of the 16,854-foot peak. And, in the Book it is written, “in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat” (Genesis 8:4).

Armenia: a land-locked nation of 3 million in the southern Caucasus, a former Republic of the Soviet Union and the first nation to adopt Christianity in the year 301.

Armenians: an ancient people who over the millennia have survived the onslaughts of invasion, conquest, natural disasters and genocide at the hands of an imperial power.

Read more about Gary Payton's visit to Armenia...

Warm Shoes to Schoolchildren from Vulnerable Families Initiative

During winter in Armenia many families are not sending their children to school because they cannot afford to provide even one pair of boots to their children. To make sure that children from vulnerable families have appropriate footwear to go to school during cold winter months, we will distribute warm boots free of charge to about 1000 schoolchildren from vulnerable families from remote northern villages of Armenia. The boots will be locally made, waterproof, from natural leather, with fur inside and with not slippery sole. Each pair costs about 13,000 Armenian Drams (approximately 35 US dollars).

With this initiative we ask you to make a contribution and give at least one child the opportunity to go to school.

A Rising Star

To sustain Armenia's transition to democracy and develop a healthy civil society, youth need to be actively engaged and given opportunities to participate in political dialogue and social development. In 2005, the Jinishian Memorial Foundation-Armenia (JMF) launched the project Civic Dialogue and Action (CDA) in two regional universities of Armenia. Presently, thanks to a grant from the Foreign Ministry of Norway, Civic Dialogue and Action is thriving in seven regional universities by engaging over 1500 students. The projects vivifies and enhances civil participation in Armenia through supporting and encouraging university students to play more active, capable and informed roles in Armenia's economic, social and political development.


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