Beneficiaries Description: 84 pre-school children (aged 3-6) and 316 adolescents and young people  from needy families and groups  

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries: about 1,200 university students/ youth of 7 universities and Youth Department of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Holy Church in Georgia and nearly 400 young adults of surrounding communities, considering the gender balance. Indirect beneficiaries: other students of the seven universities student councils’ members, administration and staff of the universities, families of the students, community members and in general the public of Armenia/ Armenian population in Georgia.

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries are 1,800 - 14-17 years old students from 99 schools of Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: 150 children (aged 9-14) from needy families, from Akhalkalak and neighboring Armenian villages 

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries of the project are about 40 elderly people ages 65 and above from Odzun village, Armenia and approximately 30 kids from Aragva preschool educational center. 

Beneficiaries Description: Armenian Intellectuals of Georgia, and Armenian youth and general population of Tbilisi and its neighborhood.

Beneficiaries Description: About 747 children aged 6-15 from socially vulnerable families 

Beneficiaries Description: 30 pre-school children


Beneficiaries Description: More than 200 Armenian children and youth from Batumi and its neighborhood. 

Beneficiaries Description: About 521 children aged 1-11 from socially vulnerable families from 9 marginalized villages of Vardenis area of Gegharkunik region (Poqr Masrik, Tretuq, Maqenis, Norabak, Kut, Azat, Arpunq, Kutakan, Akhpradzor), 40 children form Our Lady of Armenia Convent Care Centre and 860 children from socially vulnerable families from Yerevan, other regions of Armenia and Akhalkalak, Georgia.