Beneficiaries Description: Primary beneficiaries of the project  are about  320 youths – contained of  70  Youth Bank members and around 250 young people involved in implementing small community initiatives. Secondary  beneficiaries - affected  by all  50 projects implementation will be around 2500 people. Totally, the project implying to have  around 2820 beneficiaries

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries are around 2,000 school students from 100 secondary schools. Indirect beneficiaries include secondary school students, teachers, and school administrations of 100 schools

Beneficiaries description: Approximately 200 children aged 10-15 from five remote villages of Lori and Syunik Marzes

Beneficiaries Description: 950 children aged 10-15 from ten remote villages of Lori, Gegharkounik, Syunik and Armavir Marzes.

Beneficiaries Description: 850 children from needy families and orphanages from different Marzes of Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: About 565 institutionalized children from boarding schools in Different Marzes of Armenia and 7 handicapped women from Stepanavan, Lori Marz

Beneficiaries Description: 200 children aged 10-15 from remote villages of Lori and Gegharkounik Marzes

Beneficiaries Description: 2500 disabled children

Beneficiaries Description: 30 regional doctors and population of beneficiary marzes in Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: 9 trainers, 30 trained village health post nurses and inhabitants of 30 villages