JMF Core Values

Stewardship of the will and funds
JMP is committed to being a responsible caretaker of the Jinishian will and program funds to carry out the wishes of its benefactor and donors in the best ways possible.
JMP is committed to honesty and integrity in reporting its achievements and failures, organizational goals, budgets and financial statements, seeking input from its stakeholders on programs, services and determining mutual responsibilities.
JMP is committed to working in unity to achieve its organizational goals and to respecting the diversity and opinions of its beneficiaries and stakeholders when making decisions and designing and implementing programs.
JMP is committed to recognizing and serving the diverse needs of its beneficiaries, staff and volunteers with compassion, justice and respect.
JMP is committed to communicating openly with internal and external stakeholders, yet respecting confidentiality where necessary.
JMP is committed to the professional development of its staff and to striving to maintain an environment that encourages creative ways to improve its programs, services, knowledge and skills.