Welcome to Armenia within EYE Programme

Welcome to Armenia
The land of the magnificent Caucasus mountains and the lush green forests. Blessed with dramatic, mountainous landscapes populated with deep gorges, sparkling lakes, and gushing rivers, the scenery is stunning wherever you go. 
Welcome to the first Christian country in the world. The world's oldest churches and monasteries, located in humbling natural settings 
Experience our culture.  Our unique art, made with passion. 
Taste Armenian cuisine. Made fresh and with love.
Dance with us. Learn our ancient moves. 
Enjoy our wine. With hints of history. 
Armenian has a wide range of involvement in industry. Wine and Cognac production is especially large, with about 6 million liters of Armenian Wine and 20 million liters of brandy produced annually. Major titans in the industry, like Ararat and Karas spearhead wine and brandy production. Armenia is also expanding its technology, with schools like Tumo Center for creative technologies leading the technological research efforts in the nation. Armenia has great potential for a thriving tourism industry, with many hiking routes, river rafting locations, ziplines, and the world’s longest cable car. Armenia has a growing dried fruits, candies, and juice industry with titans like Grand Candy and Noyan providing delicious sweet snacks internationally. Agriculture has a large share in the domestic market. Armenian soil is constantly growing and being cultivated for the finest fruits and vegetables for all to enjoy. 
And finally, Yerevan, where old and new meet. Packed with life, love and beauty, Yerevan’s winding streets and exciting festivals welcome you.
This undiscovered country of the Caucasus is waiting for you to explore.