Civil Society

​JMF established its Civil Society Department in 2004, wherein JMF prioritizes projects and activities that encourage and facilitate youth participation in the development of a strong and healthy civil society, and broaden their perspective and understanding about the role of civil society as a vital part of long-term socioeconomic improvement in Armenia.

To achieve its strategic goals JMF has set the following objectives:

  • Increase the youth’s knowledge in human rights, gender, legal and governance issues.
  • Develop the youth’s practical skills for applying the knowledge and skills.
  • Increase the youth’s sense of citizenship and voluntarism.

To strengthen and enhance participation of a wider citizen base JMF also prioritizes activities that support civil society organizations on different levels.

  • On the Community Level, JMF helps to establish and works directly with Community Based Organizations (CBO) that function to identify and resolve problems at the grassroots level, and represent the needs and rights of communities at the regional and national level.
  • On the National Level, JMF supports the activities of the most effective Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working across different sectors (health, education, human rights, etc) and supporting the development of citizens groups that have a clear constituency base and mechanisms for civic participation.
  • On the Institutional Level, JMF collaborates with and assists institutions that support NGO and CBO development through training and technical assistance.