Beneficiaries Description: 
at least 10 entrepreneurs during the project period will pilot the YBI Sustainability Toolkit co-created by YBI members focusing on environment, social and governance issues.
Indirect: at least 50 entrepreneurs each year will benefit from the designed Toolkit which will be incorporated in the learning modules. 

Beneficiaries Description: 

Direct: 260 school students in 26 schools (12 old and 14 new), who will directly participate in YEC clubs' activities and 26 mentors of the schools, who will participate in a TOT in Yerevan and series of on-line webinars organized by Polish partner. 
Indirect: The schools' communities: the other students of the schools, schools' administrations, and parents.

Beneficiaries Description: direct beneficiaries are 2,300 people among them 7-17 years old school children, indirect beneficiaries are 600 people (teachers, parents, other interested people) 

Beneficiaries Description: at least 80 disadvantaged small-scale farmers residing in the regions of Armenia (either already owning a small greenhouse or willing to construct one (up to 1000 m2)) on advanced technologies in greenhouse management through a series of online trainings and workshops.

Beneficiaries Description: At least 50 women entrepreneurs primarily residing in the remote regions of Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: Around 200 students in Aygedzor and Chinary, around 130 students in Artsvaberd of Tavoush marz, 70 students in Yeraskh of Ararat marz and 20 students in Martouni of Gegharkounik marz. 

Beneficiaries Description:

- At least 80 young people ages 18-35 will participate in business idea generation and orientation sessions in 5 targeted regions
- At least 50 young people out of the above mentioned 80 will participate in business planning trainings in 5 targeted regions
- At least 15 young people out of this cohort will receive subsidized loans to start or scale-up their business.
- At least 20 young people will proceed with their businesses receiving ongoing support

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries of the project are about 10,000 newborns and 20 trained ultrasound doctors and neonatologists (3 from Yerevan and 17 from regions) of Armenia. Indirect beneficiaries are the families of the newborns and disabled children.

Beneficiaries Description: 150 households that would introduce “backyard nursery” concept and become suppliers of trees and 7,000 schoolchildren that would be engaged in the activities of eco-clubs, participate to the summer camp and country-wide cleanup campaigns

Beneficiaries Description: the initiative will train 50 selected small enterprises in setting COVID-19 specific safety measures and provide expert consultancy to carry out individual rehabilitation plans to address the current business problems. The project will award emergency grants to 15 enterprises, whose sole survival depends on that financial aid.