Civic Seminar on "Forced Relocation of Local Population for Extraction of Natural Resources is Justified" Topic

On February 11, March 3 and 4 the JMF organized series of seminars on one of the YES Interschool debate topics of 2014: Forced relocation of local population for extraction of natural resources is justified. Seminar was conducted by Arpine Galfayan, the head of the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights NGO. At the beginning of the seminar students had the chance to get familiar with each other and go through an icebreaking game. The latter was followed with a small presentation on the topic, where students have learned how the availability of natural resource and the level of countries development are interconnected, in which cases the relocation is justified and what issues can arise as a result. 

During the seminar the students also had an opportunity to work together in groups - in opposite teams and to come up with possible arguments and facts and thought of possible questions that would be addressed to the opposite team. Generally the seminar helped the students to get a general idea on the debate topic and form their own opinion on that issue.