Creation of Rehabilitation Cares in the Hospitals of Karabakh

Beneficiaries Description: 10 rehab nurses of Stepanakert, Hadrut, Martakert and Martuni hospitals 

Project Areas: Stepanakert, Karabakh

Project Goal: to develop the rehabilitation cares/services in the hospitals of Stepanakert, Hadrut, Martakert, Martuni and Rehab Center in Stepanakert in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. The rehabilitation care will improve the quality of life of patients in acute phase of the diseases as well as in remission phase. Ambulatory patients can also get rehabilitation cares if necessary at these hospitals.

Project Objectives: 

  1. Recruitment of 12 health specialists through the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre of Stepanakert.
  2. Training of 12 health specialists by the physiotherapists of the Lady Cox rehab centre.
  3. Preparation of the rooms for rehabilitation in the targeted 4 hospitals and Rehab Center in Stepanakert.
  4. Involvement of the new trained physiotherapists in the permanent staff list of Stepanakert, Martakert, Martuni,  Hadrut hospitals and Rehab Center in Stepanakert.
Project Type:JMF identified
Start Date:September 8, 2014
End Date:July 31, 2015
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Zara Janibekyan
Implementer:The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre
Project Cost by Implementer:AMD: 2,106,000 USD: 5,200
Partner:“Kinésithérapeutes du monde” (KDM)
Project Cost by Partner:AMD: 4,754,700 USD: 11,740 
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 2,500,000  USD: 8,197
Beneficiaries Number:100