Ensure Sustainability of Rehabilitation Treatment in Marzes of Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: 2500 disabled children

Project Areas:  All Kotayk marz (Kotayk), All Lori marz (Lori), All Tavush marz (Tavush), All Aragatsotn marz (Aragatsotn), All Vayots Dzor marz (Vayots Dzor), All Ararat marz (Ararat), All Syunik marz (Syunik)

Project Goal: Early detection and intervention of disability in children living in 6 marzes of Armenia- Tavush, Vaiots Dzor, Siunik, Ararat, Aragatsotn and Kotayk.

Project Objectives:

  1. To develop the skills of regional doctors and nurses, and create rehab teams for early intervention and diagnostics of disability in children in six marzes of Armenia - Tavush, Vaiots Dzor, Siunik, Ararat, Aragatsotn and Kotayk by the end of 2007.
  2. To establish a network between regional rehab teams and Rehabilitation Center of Yerevan and Clinical Hospital # 3 of Medical University by the end of 2008.
  3. To improve health infrastructure of Child Development Centers of Tavush marz through upgrading Rehabilitation Rooms by the end of 2007.
Project Type:Self-Developed
Start Date: 07/02/2007
End Date:31/05/2007
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Zara Janibekyan
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 8,906,968   USD: 25,626
Beneficiaries Number:2,500