Matching Grants to Rural Communities in the Frame of Counterpart International’s Civil Society / Local Government Support (CSLGS) Program

Beneficiaries Description: 11 rural communities with about 7,000 residents

Project Areas:  Lori, Syunik and Tavush Marzes

Project Goal: to increase the level of informed and effective civic activism at the local and national levels, along with more participatory, decentralized, efficient and responsive local governance that supports the democratic process.

Project Objectives:

  1. Local Government and Civil Society Collaboration - Fostering Participatory Community Strategic Planning for Community Development and Improved Local Democracy,
  2. Support for Civic Participation, Advocacy and Citizen Activism,
  3. Facilitation of Decentralization and Local Fiscal Autonomy
Project Type: Partnership
Start Date: December 1, 2011
End Date:  December 30, 2012
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Gevorg Aboyan
Partner Organization: Counterpart  International /CI/
Project Cost by CI:AMD: 39,500,000  USD:108,219
Project Cost by JMF: AMD: 13,760,000  USD: 37,699
Implementer:The communities LSGs’  and CAGs’
Project Cost by Implementer:In-kind contribution
Beneficiaries Number: 7,000

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