Playground Construction with Verishen & Akner Communities Active Participation

Beneficiaries description: About 250 pre-school and school age children of Verishen and Akner communities (70 are attending the kindergarten)

Project areas: Villages Verishen and Akner, Goris Subregion, Syunik marz

Project Goal: To create normal conditions for rest, games and events, contributing to the mental and physical development of children, through construction of a playground in the yard of the pre-school institution of Verishen community.

Project objectives: To build a playground with 11-12 playground accessories and benches in the yard of the Verishen kindergarten with active participation of Verishen and Akner communities.


Project Type:GrantStart date:September 1, 2008End date:November 31, 2008Coordinator / Responsible Person:Gevorg AboyanImplementer:JMF, Magnon CJSC and communitiesProject Cost by Communities:AMD: 343,500      USD: 1,126Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 3,000,000   USD: 9,836Beneficiaries Number:About 250 children