Preschool Educational Center

Beneficiaries Description: 30 pre-school children

Project Areas: Javakhq, Akhalkalaq, village Aragva, “Surb Khach” church, Republic of Georgia

Project Goal: To contribute to the elementary education, spiritual and cultural up-bringing, formation of physical and working features of preschool age children of Aragva village.

Project Type:Unsolicited
Start date:February 1, 2011
End date:December 31, 2011
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Anahit Galikyan
Implementer:Virahayots Diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church
Project Cost by Implementer:In-kind
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 932,000  USD: 2,554
Partner:Parents of children
Project Cost by Partner:AMD: 1,650,000  USD: 4,521
Beneficiaries Number:30