Reconstruction of Drinking Water Pipeline for Jrashen Community

Beneficiaries description: Over 239 families of the community, around 777 people

Project areas: Neighboring site of Jrashen village and the core Jrashen village territory of Spitak sub region,  Lori marz

Project Goal: to improve the drinking water supply for the community

Project objectives:

  1. To eliminate the losses of “Pambi” drinking water by reconstruction of spring water collectors, by replacing destroyed main pipes with new ones, and by grading whole extension of main pipeline.  
  2. To fence the springs with the radius of 5 m.
  3. To clean and renovate the daily regulation water reservoir.   
Project Type: Unsolicited
Start date:20/10/2008
End date: 15/12/2008
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Gevorg Aboyan
Partner:Armenia Village Operations NGO
Implementer:JMF, Constructor company, Jrashen village community
Overall project cost:USD: 23,264, AMD: 7,095,529
Project Cost by Implementer :USD: 5,403, AMD: 1,647,901
Project Cost by JMF: USD: 5,261, AMD: 1,604,605
Project cost by private donors:USD: 12,600, AMD: 3,843,000
Beneficiaries Number: 777 people