Reproductive Health Improvement Among Women in Vardenis Region

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries of the project are at least 420 women of Vardenis region of Gegarkunik marz

Project Areas: Yerevan, Armenia

Project Goal: to improve women’s reproductive health and decrease the mortality rate because of breast and cervical cancers in 7 communities of Vardenis region of Gegarkunik marz, Armenia.  

Project Objectives:

1. To provide access to rural women to health services aimed at early detection of breast cancer and other gynecological cancerous conditions in 7 villages of Vardenis region.  

  • Totally 21 visits will be conducted in the targeted 7 villages; approximately 3 visits per village. In the case of necessity additional visits will be done. All visits will be conducted by the Maple Leafs doctors. 
  • Ultrasound screening of 420 women aged 35-65 of the breast; gynaecology organs by specialist at seven rural communities of Vardenis region will be conducted.
  • Gynaecological consultation, examination and general smear test for 420 women will be done by gynaecologist at seven rural communities of Vardenis region. Pap Smear Test will be done at the hospital of Vardenis upon the need. 
  • Provision of second gynaecological consultation and further outpatient treatment.
  • Upon necessity patients will be refered for additional examinations and/or hospital treatment.  
  • Preparation of medical reports.

2. To increase awareness of patients on gynaecological diseases through provision of patients with knowledge on their health status.  

Project Type: JMF concept developed in cooperation  
Start Date:November 1, 2015
End Date:June 30, 2016
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Zara Janibekyan
Project Cost by JMF :AMD: 8,612,880 USD: 17,943.5
Partner Organization:Maple Leafs Armenian – Canadian  Medical Centre
Project Cost by Partner Organization:AMD: 2,907,744 USD: 6,057.8
Beneficiaries Number:420