Reproductive Health Improvement Among Women in Vardenis Region-phase II

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries of the project are at least 345 women of Vardenis region of Gegarkunik marz

Project Areas: Yerevan, Armenia

Project Goal: to improve women’s reproductive health and decrease the mortality rate because of breast and cervical cancers in 7 communities of Vardenis region of Gegarkunik marz, Armenia.  

Project Objectives:

  1. To provide access to rural women to health services aimed at early detection of breast cancer, gynecological cancerous conditions, and thyroid diseases in 5 (Lchavan, Geghamasar, Maqenis, Norakert, Sotq) villages of Vardenis region.  
  • Totally 15 visits will be conducted in the targeted 5 rural communities; approximately 3 visits per village. In the case of necessity additional visits will be done. All visits will be conducted by the Maple Leafs’s doctors. 
  • Ultrasound screening of 225 women aged 25-65 of the breast and gynaecology organs will be conducted by specialist at 5 villages of Vardenis region.Thyroid gland examination of 120 (about 50% of total number) women aged 25-65 will be conducted by specialist at 5 villages of Vardenis region.
  • Gynaecological consultation, examination and general smear test for 225 women will be done by gynaecologist at 5 villages of Vardenis region. Pap Smear Test will be done at the hospital of Vardenis upon the need.
  • Provision of second gynaecological consultation and further outpatient treatment.
  • Upon necessity patients will be referred for additional examinations and/or hospital treatment.  
  • Preparation of medical reports.

  2. To increase awareness of patients on reproductive health and endocrine diseases through provision of patients with knowledge on their health status.

Project Type: JMF concept developed in cooperation  
Start Date:October 1, 2016
End Date:April 30, 2017
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Zara Janibekyan
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 6,839,540 USD:13,958
Partner Organization:Maple Leafs Armenian – Canadian  Medical Centre
Project Cost by Partner Organization:AMD: 2,119,250 USD: 4,325
Beneficiaries Number:345