Summer Camp 2014 - Apostolic Community

Beneficiaries Description: 85 children aged 8-16, from needy families and 10 pastors/mentors from Center of Christian Education of Echmiatzin city

Project Area: Camp “Lusabats”, Hanqavan, Kotayk Marz

Project Goal: to enrich the physical, spiritual and social lives of 85 school age children (from 8 to 16 years old) from vulnerable families from the Center of Christian Education of Echmiatsin city of Armenia.

Project Objectives:

  • To alleviate social problems of families of 85 children through providing an opportunity to send the children to summer camp under the Christian guidance and supervision of pastors.
  • To promote children’s physical well being through provision of nutritious meals, daily gymnastics and sports. 
  • To promote children’s spiritual well being through spiritual discussions and other religious experiences.
  • To provide educational and cultural opportunities for children through provision of language, music, dance, drawing and painting, embroider and other arts and crafts classes.
Project Type:Grant
Start Date:July 7, 2014
End Date:July 13, 2014
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Zara Janibekyan
Implementer:Armenian Apostolic Church, Center of Christian Education
Project Cost by Implementer:AMD: 672,450  USD: 1,660
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 4,050,000  USD: 10,000
Beneficiaries Number:85