Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right ...

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.”, Henry Ford.

Khachatur was only 14 years old when he first joined the Jinishian Memorial Foundation’s school debate club project in his school #190 in Yerevan. This is one of the 130 schools where the JMF established debate clubs within its Civil Society and Education program.
 A teenager, who was born in Lebanon where his musician parents were in a concert tour, and a grandchild of a Musa Dagh survivor realized and firmly believed that he is the one among the Armenian youth who is able and responsible for personal contribution in development of Armenia towards its path in becoming a democratic country and a country of a dream for all Armenians. The participation in debate club was a great opportunity for development of leadership, critical thinking, and public speaking skills vital for realization of his beliefs.

Step by step, via regular participation in debate club activities and debate tournaments, Khachik became one of the best debaters in his school and was chosen to take part in the National Debate Competitions and TV debates organized by the JMF. On the path towards his vision’s realization he was chosen and has had an opportunity to become a FLEX student and studied one year in Lincoln Park high school in IL State of the US.  After his return home and full of new experiences and energy he continued participation in his school’s debate club and debate competitions.

His hard and devoted work was rewarded by the invitation to participate in international Bratislava Debate Tournament in April 2014, where the JMF will represent Armenia. This will be the first participation of an Armenian school debate team in an international English language debate tournament ever.

He hopes that this is a chance not only “….to collect the fruits of many year efforts” but also “… show the world that Armenian youth is an indispensable part of youth in the global world and is able to struggle for progress and development”.   

He thinks that he can and he is right.