Handicrafts Business Development in Regions Project

Beneficiaries Description: Talin Dolls, Vardenis Sewing, Margahovit Wood, and Spitak Bags handicraft projects with about 45 artisan women and business managers. The indirect beneficiaries are the families of the women. 

Project Area: Vardenis (Gegharkunik Marz), Talin (Aragatsotn Marz), Margahovit and Spitak (Lori marz)

Project Goals: Invest in economic empowerment of women living in small communities of Armenia by enhancing their business administration capacity.

Project Objectives:

  1. Educate artisans in successful business making to increase their production volumes and employ more women. 
  2. Provide technical assistance to artisans living in the regions of Armenia to market their product and increase their net profits from the products
Project Type:Grant
Start Date:February 1, 2015
End Date:July 31, 2015
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Alina Hovhannisyan
Implementer: Homeland Development Initiative Foundation  (HDIF)
Project Cost by Implementer:  In-kind
Project Cost by JMF: AMD: 9,208,420   USD: 19,184
Beneficiaries Number:45