Civic Dialogue and Action for Change

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries are nearly 4,500 university students of 7 universities and 2,000 young adults of surrounding communities, keeping gender balance. Indirect beneficiaries are other students of the targeted seven universities student councils’ members, administration and staff of the universities, families of the students, community members and in general the public of Armenia.

Project Areas: Gyumri (Shirak), Gavar (Gegharkunik), Vanadzor (Lori), Ijevan (Tavush), Goris and Kapan (Syunik), Yerevan

Project Goal: To vivify and enhance civil participation in Armenia through supporting and encouraging university students in the regions to play more active, capable and informed role in immediate and long term economic, social and political development of the country.

Project Objectives:

  1. To further enhance students’ civic activeness in 7 universities and neighboring communities.
  2. To develop students’ knowledge and skills in CS sector and enhance their civic participation.
  3. To empower the students to more actively and effectively participate in social life of their community and country at whole.
  4. To promote university students to investigate civic issues in the local rural communities, to find approaches towards the solutions to the identified issues and problems and to take appropriate actions.
  5. To further enhance a network of communication and collaboration on social and civil issues between the seven universities’ students.
Project Type:Self-Developed / Direct Implementation
Start Date:October 1, 2012
End Date:September 30, 2015
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Ruben Krikyan
Partner Organization:Seven Universities targeted by the project
Project Cost by Implementer:USD: 44,000
Donor Organization:Royal Norwegian Embassy in Moscow (RNEM) & Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (CGF)
Project Cost by RNEM:USD: 50,000
Project Cost by CGF:USD: 120,000
Beneficiaries Number:6,500

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