Establishment of Refrigeration Storage

Beneficiaries Description: The main beneficiaries of the project are the 35 members of Arevik Ag.Coop

Project Goal: To decrease the harvest loss

Project objectives:

  • detailed study of refrigerator construction and exploitation
  • selection of right territory for the installation of the refrigerator
  • acquisition of necessary materials and equipment
  • selection of responsible persons and participant farmers; work planning
  • construction of Refrigeration Storage
  • calculation and evaluation of the overall volume and quality of the harvest
  • organization of the brief, general meeting of the cooperative
Project Type:Closed grant competition
Start date:11/01/2008-
End date:12/31/2008
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Armen Hakobyan
Project Location:Arevik, Armavir Marz
Partner Organization:  FAA
Project Cost by Partner AMD: -   USD: -
Implementer: Arevik Ag.Coop.
Project Cost by Implementer: AMD: 757,300  USD: 2,483
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 1,298,000   USD: 4,256 
Beneficiaries Number:35