Hospitality Service Development in Berd Subregion of Tavush Marz

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries are 18-20 people from Berd and neighboring communities, who are willing to operate B&B and other hospitality services in the region.   Indirect beneficiaries will be tourists visiting Berd and staying overnight.

Project Area: Berd region of Tavush marz (Berd town and Berd, Chinchin, Varagavan villages)

Project Goal: to develop bed-and-breakfast and other hospitality services in Berd and neighbouring communities by building the capacity of local entrepreneurs to provide market-driven services, products and activities. 

Project Objectives:

  1. Assess tourism and hospitality development resources in Berd and neighboring communities,
  2. Interview and select project beneficiaries, 
  3. Conduct trainings for start-up hospitality service providers,
  4. Follow up individual consulting on business plans development.
Project Type: JMF initiative/Unsolicited 
Start Date: May 1, 2012
End Date:September 1, 2012
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Gevorg Aboyan
Implementer: Apricot Plus Consulting Company
Project Cost by Implementer:In-kind
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 3,650,315  USD: 10,000
Beneficiaries Number:18-20

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