Humanitarian Assistance to Refugees from Artsakh

Beneficiaries Description: Families (elderly, women, and children), migrants from Artsakh resided in Arshaluys village and other locations. In total 11 families: 60 migrants - among them 33 children (1-18 year-old) from Arshaluys. 

Project Areas: Arshaluys village, Armenia, other locations 

Project Goal: to provide emergency assistance and support to the 11 families (60 people, among them 33 children) of the Artaskh conflict resided in Arshaluys village to overcome current humanitarian crisis via providing them with food items, hygiene supplies, and warm clothing. 

Project Type:Undesignated /Humanitarian assistance provided directly by JMF
Start Date:January 15, 2021
End Date:February 5, 2021
Coordinator/Responsible Person:Ruben Krikyan
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 1,500,000 USD: 3,000
Beneficiaries Number:60