Rejecting Indifference

As Anton Chekhov said, “Indifference is a paralysis of the soul, a premature death”. Many children in the world who need help become happy because of the attention and care they receive. ‘’We are not abandoned”, this conclusion and the awareness of their own importance for the surrounding give strength to live and act. This aspiration to live infects everyone, proving also that heartfelt love is the flight of soul, eternal life.

It is great virtue when in every corner of the world the kindness dominates and makes certain individuals and organizations to invest in charitable or developmental programs.

However, the joy of all of us is multiplied when we meet the implemented programs, where the heartfelt attitude of those who overcome state borders motivates the youth of the native land. Yes, it happens, when young people who are members of the charitable foundations which are not indifferent to the problems of Armenia, become benefactors and bring a happy life to the children who are in need.

Norayr and Sargis were among those young men who were looking for success in their lives, but they found their success in the CDA program. They designed “The Education towards all Challenges” program and they got an opportunity to implement the program within the framework of the CDA program of the Jinishian Memorial Foundation in 2016. The goal of the project was to assist in organizing the 7 to 15 year-old children’s education who received permanent treatment in Hematology Center after Professor R. Yeolyan. Twice a week, they visited the center on a voluntary basis with their friends and taught children the subjects of the school curriculum.

“Why should we stay out of education because of illness, why should we feel isolated from the society? These questions worried us very much”, said the boys. As a result of giving such kind of questions and trying to find answers they wrote their program. During the implementation of the program it turned out that the children were not always able to find time to take part in educational process, as they were under the medical influence. To overcome the isolation of the children in neighboring rooms was also a great issue. But, a few days later, the children were strengthened by strong friendship connections and forgot about their pain. “The classmates” from neighboring wards hurried to “school” to communicate, get knowledge and play.

Not long after the project was completed, Norayr, a member of Yerevan team of the CDA for Change program, was recognized as the winner of the “The best Humanitarian Volunteer Program of the Year” by Armenian Volunteers bank. Norayr Gabrielyan’s and Sargis Mirzoyan's "The Education towards all Challenges" project has instilled confidence in everyone that Jinishian Memorial Foundation, together with the sponsorship and support of various donor organizations will implement new humanitarian programs, which arise among Armenian youth.