Soil Analysis on Fertilizers and Chemicals Pilot Project

Beneficiaries Description: One advanced farmer from Arevik village and one from Aratashen village

Project Area: Arevik and Aratashen villages (Armavir marz)

Project Goal: To promote a new farming culture among farmers of Armenia through developing an advanced land cultivation and plant care methods adapted to the local land, water and weather conditions.

Project Objectives:

  1. To develop and implement an experimental model of vegetable growing based on the a) soil proper amelioration, which means soil examination and application of appropriate chemicals and fertilizers before land cultivation and during seedling/plant growing, and b) plant care and protection, which means follow-up of plants growth and pest control with application of advised chemicals.
  2. To increase the educational level of farmers on available contemporary methods for land cultivation and vegetable growing.
Project Type: JMF initiative
Start Date:February 24, 2012
End Date:September 31, 2012
Coordinator / Responsible PersonGevorg Aboyan
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 3,923,000   USD:10,749
Beneficiaries Number: 2