Summer Camp 2013 - Evangelical Community

Beneficiaries Description: 1660 children, youth and young adults and 160 camp counselors Project Areas: Hankavan, Kotayk Marz

Project Goal: to enrich the physical, spiritual, and social lives of 1660 children aged 8-25 and 160 camp counselors from different marzes of Armenia.

Project Objectives:

  1. To alleviate social problems of families of 1660 children through providing an opportunity to send the children to summer camps under the Christian guidance and supervision of 160 trained camp leaders/counselors.
  2. To promote children’s physical well being through provision of nutritious meals, daily gymnastics and sports. 
  3. To promote children’s spiritual well being through daily prayers, spiritual classes, religious presentations and other religious experiences.
  4. To provide educational and cultural opportunities for children through provision of language, music, dance, drawing and painting, embroider and other arts and crafts classes.
Project Type:Grant
Start Date:July 5, 2013
End Date:September 1, 2013
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Alina Hovhannisyan
Implementer:Armenian Missionary Association of America
Project Cost by Implementer:AMD: 25,923,460  USD: 64,008
Project Cost by JMF:AMD: 4,050,000  USD: 10,000
Beneficiaries Number:1,820