The Persistent Inventor

When the guests enter the office of Jinishian Memorial Foundation in Yerevan they are amazed to notice that 21st century’s innovative progress does not pass round the members of Jinishian Memorial Foundation. The device with the look of wise robot is the usual trash, which does not allow human stretched hand unanswered and opens trying to say that it stretches its hand to help all those who need it. Sargis Keveyan is the author of this device and it has been made in his founded laboratory.

Sargis is one of the participants of “Youth in Action for Change” (YAC) program implemented by JMF. In 2017 Sargis together with his three friends initiated the establishment of educational center-laboratory for the children in Gavar. For implementation of this idea the YAC program of JMF promised stable perspectives of cooperation with boys. Sargis’s great desire to do something useful in his homeland, Gavar, and natural stubbornness to finish what he had already started became guaranties to implement his project successfully. «ITM Technologics» project was approved by JMF and financed within the framework of YAC program. The goal of this project is to create the platform of technological innovation in Gavar, where the youth from the city and surrounding villages will gather and obtain new basic knowledge in the field of radio electronics and practical skills. Additionally, Sargis and his friends are still working on new ideas. Thanks to these ideas they can create new product or service using the material-technical base available to them.

Not only young people but also other supporters were involved in the Sargis’s project for assisting the children in Gavar. For example, the employees of Gavar municipality responded with pleasure to proposals of Sargis to assist the youth in exchanging engineering-technical knowledge and practical skills. As a result, the City Hall provided relevant space for educational center-laboratory. It has already been a year that 30 children attend the educational center twice a week with enthusiasm. They acquire relevant knowledge and experience which they use in everyday life. At present, children are already able to handle complicated electro-technical schemes and via welding and gathering different fragments turn them into working mechanisms. That's why these young people in Gavar have become the pioneers of their city's and country's progress. By giving life to devices and robots Sargis and the children studying in his center fill their environment with love and joy. However, they do not notice that these devises and robots really give life to them, as they become the cause of kindness and love.

Sargis’s dreams have already become concrete goals. He is not going to be satisfied with only a few commitments to his homeland, which young citizens carry on their shoulders in Armenia. After serving in the Armed Forces and studying at a higher education establishment he organizes various activities not only as a friend who helps everyone, but also one of the leading specialists in the field of information technology in Gavar.

Jinishian Memorial Foundation is very glad to be able to help and support enthusiastic and purposeful young people who want to beautify the human world through kindness, tolerance and love.