Two Types of People

There are two types of people in this world - ordinary and resistant. I was always told that I belong to the latter category, so as you can understand that debate is something close to my heart. When I became a 9th grade student at school, I was provided an opportunity to demonstrate my resistant personality in the debate club established at our school within the scope of a project implemented by the Jinishian Memorial Foundation. Being not fully developed, but yet a self-confident and result-oriented 13 year old, I started gaining debating skills. And I immediately understood that the characteristic given to me since childhood was completely true.

Later, due to some circumstances I was not able to attend the club and my school days became routine. Two years passed and I thought my debating skills had died. I could not even imagine that at the university I was studying at I will be given another chance to debate. I couldn’t help my emotions when I learned that there was a debate club for students here as well. At the very first debate, I recalled all the feelings I had during debating in high school. And it suddenly struck me how important it was for me. From debate to debate my skills were refined. There was no place for aggression any more, maybe because we became serious enough for debates with serious topics, I don’t know. The debate club changed my life. It provided me something which I needed so much. I can express my point of view with confidence, and I am sure I will use the skills I have acquired for years to come.

Avertisyan Ofelia 
Students’ Civic Engagement – University Debate Clubs Civil Society Project Beneficiary