University Students' National Debate Championship

Students’ National Debate Championship took place on November 20 and 21 in Yerevan within the scope of the Students’ Civic Engagement – University Debate Clubs project. The championship was between the students’ teams from Yerevan and RA Marzes (Gyumri, Kapan, Vanadzor, Ijevan, Goris and Gavar) who all gathered in Yerevan for the final debates. During the two days of the championship the students debated and defended their views on important civic issues such as the fight against corruption, domestic violence and Armenia’s integration into the European Union.

The final tournament on the topic “Armenia’s Integration into the European Union” has been held between the two teams from Gavar State University and Yerevan compiled team of students. Yerevan team was recognized as the winner of the championship by the judges. The team of students from Gavar State University took the second place in the championship. At the end of the event participants of the championship received medals and certificates of honor from the project implementing organizations.

Under the project, university debate clubs in the universities of Gyumri, Vanadzor, Ijevan, Gavar, Kapan, Goris and Yerevan were established, 40 students in each club. Prior to the final championship, the students took part in 21 intra-university debates.

Students’ Civic Engagement – University Debate Clubs project has been implemented by the Jinishian Memorial Foundation with the support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The goal of the project was to promote civic activism and to bolster the development of a debate club network in Armenia. 

For more information please see the Facebook photoalbum of the event.