Village Health Post Nurse Capacity Development Project in Karabakh - Phase IV

Beneficiaries Description: 50 village nurses

Project Areas: Kashatagh region of Karabakh

Project Goal: to improve the accessibility and delivery of quality primary health care at the village level in NKR

Project Objectives:

  1. To develop capacities of 6 doctors/nurses, at least 2 doctors and 4 nurses, of Kashatagh region of NKR to become trainers and conduct trainings for village nurses through organizing Training of Trainers (TOT) courses at Medical State University in Yerevan.
  2. To improve professional skills and develop knowledge of 50 village health post nurses of Kashatagh region of NKR through conducting trainings based on the Village Nurse Educational Curriculum.
Project Type:  Self-Developed
Start Date: March 1, 2011
End Date: November 1, 2012
Coordinator / Responsible Person: Zara Janibekyan
Partner Organization: Ministry of Health of NKR
Project Cost by Partner: AMD: 54,000  USD: 148
Implementer: JMF
Project Cost by JMF : AMD: 7,725,000 USD: 21,164
Beneficiaries Number: 50