YBI’s Sustainability Toolkit

Beneficiaries Description: 
at least 10 entrepreneurs during the project period will pilot the YBI Sustainability Toolkit co-created by YBI members focusing on environment, social and governance issues.
Indirect: at least 50 entrepreneurs each year will benefit from the designed Toolkit which will be incorporated in the learning modules. 

Project Area: Republic of Armenia

Project Goal: to support early-stage or micro businesses, led by underserved entrepreneurs to better understand the relationship and impact between profit, planet, and people within their operations, and apply measurable sustainability principles to their business practices.

Project Objectives։

  • Produce a full sustainability toolkit, where new tools developed, focusing on social and governance topics, will be aligned to environmental sustainability tools already developed
  • Co-creation, testing and learning, through the formation of a group of 5 YBI members who will co-create social and governance sustainability tools, and meet regularly to share feedback and learning
  • Run a pilot to test tools, validate their efficacy and collect data for learning, in order to improve and finalise toolkit
Project Type:Grant
Start Date:March 20, 2023
End Date:August 31, 2023
Coordinator / Responsible Person:Liana Sargsyan
Implementer: Jinishian Memorial Foundation 
Collaborating Organization:Youth Business International (YBI)
Project Cost YBI: AMD: 7,938,000 USD: 16,200
Beneficiaries Number:60