Hip Dysplasia Early Prevention among Children in Armenia

“When in summer 2013 I gave birth to my daughter Karine, all of us were very happy and excited to welcome our first child into our family”.  All of a sudden at the maternity home I was told that Karine had hip dysplasia. It was quite a stressful period of life for our family. 

Hip dysplasia is the medical term for instability, or looseness of the hip joint that affects thousands of children each year. When a baby is diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip and treated early, the outcome is usually excellent. If treatment is delayed, the further steps are more complex and with less chance of success. In the framework of the JMF implemented health project numerous ultrasound doctors were trained to diagnose various forms of hip dysplasia via examination of infants at maternity homes; something which was not practiced before.

During one of the regular monitoring check-ups at Kapan maternity home the JMF staff observed how the doctor diagnosed hip dysplasia of a little baby girl who turned out to be a grandchild of the doctor working at the same hospital. Karine’s journey to recover her hips began immediately. Various consultations followed. A team of hip specialists deeply studied Karine’s case and took the newborn girl under control. The parents and grandma were told how to take proper care of Karine (no diapers, free position of the legs and etc.). A month later during the second check-up, the screening gave a good picture of the hip. Several months passed. Now the hips of the girl are developing normally. Karine is happy and always smilies. Thanks to the project Karine was prevented from being disabled all her life.

There is nothing more rewarding than a story like this.  

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