Beneficiaries Description: 5 Producer groups’ (PGs) members and at least 26 PG group member farmers from Shirak, Gegharkunik, Lori and Aragatsotn regions

Beneficiaries Description: The project directly targets about 240 students of 3 universities of Gyumri, Gavar and Vanadzor and young adults of surrounding communities; and at least 180 graduates of those 3 universities. Total number of direct beneficiaries is 420 youth. Indirectly project targets the other students of those 3 universities, universities' administration and staff, families of the graduates/students, community members. 

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries of the project are about 2,500 university students of 7 universities and 1000 young adults of surrounding communities, with gender balance. Indirect beneficiaries: other students of the seven universities student councils’ members, administration and staff of the universities, families of the students, community members and in general the public of Armenia.

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries are 2,000 - 14-17 years old students from 108 schools of Armenia

Beneficiaries Description: In total 10-17 years old 156 children from Lori, Gegharkouniq region, Yerevan and Kharabagh (81 disabled children and 75 children from socially vulnerable families from Stepanavan, Tashir, Gavar, Sevan cities and surrounding villages as well as Yerevan and Kharabagh)

Beneficiaries Description: 36 schoolchildren ages 12-18 from Stepanavan Lori region and 16 university students, graduates, engineers ages 19-55 from Stepanavan Lori region

Beneficiaries Description: About 285 refugee families from Syria 

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries of the project are about 4,000 newborns, 200 disabled children (to be identified) and 9 trained doctors of the targeted regions. Indirect beneficiaries are the families of the newborns and disabled children.

Beneficiaries Description: About 747 children aged 6-15 from socially vulnerable families 

Beneficiaries Description: Direct beneficiaries are around 120 schoolchildren aged 10-15 from four remote villages of Syunik and Lori Marzes. Indirect beneficiaries are families of these children.